About Us

At Heavy Handed, we are dedicated to creating the perfect burger by selecting the finest quality meat that pairs perfectly with our homemade bread and butter pickles, and our signature sweet and slightly tangy heavy sauce. We found that ground short rib beef provided the ideal balance of meat and marbled fat. We then meticulously pressed and seared the patties to achieve Maillardian perfection. To accompany the patty, we cooked hundreds of pounds of onions for several hours to create a deep and rich caramelized onion that perfectly complements the blanket of American cheese atop it. Lastly, we sandwiched all of these ingredients between a lightly toasted bun, generously buttered, to achieve the perfect bite.

Our dedication to perfection does not stop at the burgers. We understand that every hero needs a sidekick, which is why we have also created the perfect fries. We fry our fries in beef tallow, which results in golden, light, and crispy fries that are best enjoyed by the handful and dipped in our signature heavy sauce.

Obsessed with creating the perfect Bite